Welcome to Bikram Yoga Würzburg

Bikram Yoga Würzburg is a yoga studio in Würzburg, located at the Berliner Ring, that specialises in Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a sequence. The series is practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. Just come in and give it a shot!

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a sequence. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. The series is practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius and each class is 90 minutes. The postures stretch and strengthen every muscle, ligament, organ, gland and cell in systematic order. Bikram Choudhury designed the series to strengthen your body, improve your health, regulate your weight, prevent disease and lessen the effects of aging. Additionally, Bikram Yoga improves patience, determination and the ability to concentrate, which reduces stress.


Bikram Yoga is done in a heated room to warm up your muscles and prevent injury and in order to detoxify the body.


The postures are always practiced in the same sequence because this is the only way that Bikram Yoga will work properly.


All classes are 90 minutes (except for Advanced) and consist of 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises. They are all suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.


We open 30 minutes before class. Latest check-in is 5 minutes before class starts.


If you have never been to our studio, you can simply stop by without preregistration, but preferably about 20 minutes before class starts.


Online Classes

When we had to close our studio for the first time in the spring of 2020 due to the Corona crisis, we started offering online classes. While we prefer teaching you and practicing with you in our beautiful hotroom, this is a good option when the hotroom isn't available and it also means that you can join us from anywhere in the world!


Most of our classes are held in German, but we do occasionally offer classes in English. You can tell that a class will be held in English if you see ENGLISCH next to the teachers name on the schedule.


However, even if class is held in German, you're welcome to join us. We all did our Teacher Training in English and are able to give corrections in English. Clau used to teach in the US for many years, so if you catch one of her classes, she will be happy to throw in some English wherever needed :)


If you decide to take class with us, there are 3 things you need to do:


1. Book a spot online

You can book a spot online by clicking on the class you wish to attend on our online schedule to the right. Just follow the instructions on screen. If you get stuck, please contact us. We're happy to help you!


2. Buy a ticket

We have several pricing options for attending classes online. You can either use our online drop-in option (Online-Tageskarte) or buy one of our other class cards (which you can use online or in the studio) in our Online Shop.


3. Join us on Zoom

We use the same Zoom link for all our online classes:



Zoom meeting ID: 258 085 2831
Password: 35823561


You will first be placed in a Zoom waiting room. Please make sure you use your first name and the first letter of your last name on Zoom, so the teacher knows who you are and can let you into class. Only people who signed up through MindBody prior to class will be admitted into the actual class in the 15 minutes before class starts. We may be helping someone at the front desk when you first arrive, so please have some patience and rest assured that we will let you in before class starts. 


We're looking forward to seeing you online soon!


If you have never been to our studio, you can take advantage of our introductory offer. It’s €20 and you can practice as much as you like for 2 consecutive weeks. A rental mat is included in this introductory offer.


After the introductory offer, there are several options, depending on how often you would like to practice. There is regular pricing and discounted pricing for students under the age of 30, the unemployed, and retirees above the age of 65.

You can also buy water at the studio and rent a mat or a towel.

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